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Branching Parts


This project makes use of a Grasshopper plugin called Fox that puts together parts in a branching structure to fill a volume. Each of the parts was labelled and laser cut from plywood. The parts where then slotted together to create this hemisphere form.

Technologies Used
Grasshopper, Python
Branching primary photo

The 2D part shape was created in Grasshopper so it could be easily tweaked (A). The shape consists of two curves that were offset and joined together. Slots and thickness were then added (B). The volume that the aggregation fills consists of a hemisphere. It's the space between the two surfaces you can see in image C below.

Branching parts - small images 1

Each slot and part was labelled and then nested onto multiple sheets ready to be laser cut (A). The parts were cut from two sheets of 3mm plywood (B). They were also labelled in the 3D model which helped with assembly (C).

Branching parts - small images 2

You can see in images A and B below how the final piece compares with the 3D model. Image C is a diagram of the branching structure - it mainly consists of two branches. Since the structure is very linear it's not the strongest.

Branching parts - small images 3